Phillip Fivel Nessen→Freelance Art Director & Interdisciplinary Designer
help remedies website design
infographic datavisualization website design
marrakesh express identity poster design
infographic datavisualization website design
Phillip Nessen is an award winning art director and interdisciplinary designer currently living in Brooklyn. He likes design very much but does not like design inspirational posters at all. Most recently he was art director at Help Remedies.
Cannes Lions—Cyber Lion Silver (AD), Art Directors Club—Online Content Silver Award / Gold Direct Lion (AD), FastCo—Infographic Of The Day (designer), Webby Nomination (design and development), American Illustration, Comm Arts Illustration Annual, Creativity Online
Featured Clients
Samsung Open Innovation Center, The New York Times, McSweeney’s, Yale, Business Week, Playboy, Help Remedies, Hello Products, Barbarian Group, Redscout, Ogilvy & Mather, Anamoly, Brooklyn Industries, The Huffington Post & others.